"The Art of Words" My new Book!

This Book teaches my different lettering styles, Projects to do, and has a ton of coloring and lettering pages with cut and paste pages too. I explain different tools, different papers, markers and more. This is for the beginner who wants to create a style and can be used by anyone for all the fun stuff in the back pages. See amazon for their description.

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Bible Journaling Workshop Videos

You guys told me that you wanted some videos and I tried really hard to figure this out AND I did it! OVER 2 hours OF VIDEO... I can't believe it. Once your Purchase the listing "Bible Journaling Workshop Videos" You will get an email with the password to each video. These are go at your own pace and work through videos. Each one has supplies that I use, steps I take, and explanation. There are some lettering videos, HOW TO paint a rose, a mixed media page and different types of pages to create. I hope you guys enjoy these! This page will continually be getting new videos and once you purchase you will always have access to the new and old movies. I will try to add a couple every month :) 

The Videos work Best on an ipad or computer but can be viewed on your phones as well.

PLEASE DO NOT SHARE THE PASSWORD WITH YOUR FRIENDS. I make my money by the things you create, like your occupations, I don't get paid if everyone is getting things for free.


Video 1: Creating a water color page framing our words.

Video 2: Lettering in the margins on top of a water color wash.

Video 3: Acrylic Page with a warm color base.

Video 4: Acrylic Page with a Hexagon Background

Video 5: Rose Petal Mixed Media Page

Video 6: How To paint a rose (Easy Step Tutorial!)

Video 7: How I lay out lettering. How I mix Capital letters and lowercase

Video 8: Lettering Warm Up

Video 9: Floral Page with Dark Background

Video 10: Create your own Acrylic Tabs and A floral Isaiah Page

Video 11: Step by Step Floral Vase and Creating a double sided tab. (2 Corinthians 5)

Video 12: Making a Stencil and A mixed Media Page

If you have any other questions, Please email me at vwieners88@aol.com

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Favorite Bible Journaling Supplies ((WITH LINKS))

Curious as to what some of my other favorite Bible Journaling Supplies are? Click any of the Blue Words and Go straight to Amazon to purchase...the best part, once you spend $49 you get FREE SHIPPING!!!

My Journaling Bible is an ESV Single Column Bible

I love Faber Castell Pitt Pens"Artist Loft" Watercolors and if you have a little more to spend, I LOVE my PH Watercolors , Paper Mate "Clear Point" 0.07 Pencils, Cheap acrylic Paints like Apple Barrel and Stamps of All Sorts found everywhere. I love the Ranger Ink Pad and Acrylic Blocks for all of my Peel and Use Stamps.

My Favorite Brushes are Water Brushes. There are a ton of Brands available to purchase but Pentel are my favorite water brushes. I have a TAB punch that I love and use it daily... Need extra TAB STICKERS, Get them by clicking the word!

For my White Pens I love using the Uniball Signo with white ink, they will write over any kind of paint magically and show up while being vibrant. I  love my huge pack of twistables and highlight everything I need to with them. They don't bleed though and come in so many different colors.

I love my Faber Castell Big Pitt Set so I can Highlight and Color all the things without it bleeding through. This set of Washi is one of my favorites that I have bought time and time again---I love the patterns on it and it's cheaper than most sets.

Want to learn Lettering from me? You can purchase my Download and Print Lettering guides to help you along your journey. Volume 1 and Volume 2 are great starting spots and when you want to keep going and try different Projects, Volume 3 is here for you...

Thanks for viewing this Blog, Enjoy a Free Printable- You can save this, resize and Print it :)

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Painting Houses...

I started painting houses this week with my little Art Students because we are memorizing the Verse "As for me and My House, We will serve the Lord." Joshua 24:15

They were painting their houses so I decided I wanted to paint mine and I LOVE how it turned out...

Our house was first but then I wanted to try another one because it was kind of fun. I asked the moms to send a picture of their houses with their Little people The next day and I tried another one...


Want me to draw your house? Email me a picture of your homeland send it with your Family name and verse. Base price is $70 shipped.

This was a fun Custom Church done as an anniversary Gift...

You can order a house or church painting any time by emailing your pictures to VWieners88@aol.com ---

Most paintings are $80 and all are 8"x10" Original Water Colored Paintings.

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Beautiful Just as I am...

Some days I feel like a failure but i'm not. I'm moving forward--


I know what life is like without addiction and it's good, really good. You smile, you laugh, and you don't have to fake it. You can have a conversation...When I put God first, above me, above Brad, I live a healthier life and i'm able to love better. Not just my husband, Not just others, but myself... 

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2014 Year In Review..

.I had wasted my life and i felt such shame. i didn't know Jesus yet so i had no hope...i parked in the parking lot, looked at my 3 rolled up $1 bills and the small rock of cocaine i had left, crushed it, snorted it, and then went inside. walking first, then running, then screaming. ..

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Birthday Collaborations: Bailey & Addison

Birthdays are one of my favorite things and birthday parties that involve painting are by far one of the best ways to spend my day. Bailey and Addison are two of my favorite girls. They are so kind, graceful, they love art, and they love Jesus. They invited me to their birthday party to teach some of their friends how to paint so we did just that!

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Happy Birthday Jessica!!

The Blog Post Ann Voskamp Blogged About--

I recently got asked by a friend to create a Birthday Piece using all the highlights made in Ann Voskamp's book "1000 gifts" -- I got Jessica's book from her and began reading through every highlighted page, there were a lot of great....

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Journaling Bible- FAQ

Recently I came across a hashtag on Instagram that was #journalingbible -- after I clicked on it I immediately had to go get one of these neat things. Apparently they've been around for a long time but I had no idea such a cool thing existed.....

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A year in the Making((Learning to Love well))

"That's when i found new friends and a new idol in drugs. this is when the fun stopped and life got bad real fast. On my quest to feel loved i broke up multiple marriages, stole a lot of things, got into a lot of fights, and embarrassed myself more often than not. I didn't have a home and would sleep wherever and with whoever i needed  to."

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Letting myself go..

Patience never was my area of expertise because it requires waiting and at that, I am no good. I want things now...marriage, babies, success, health, inspiration, muscles(this could go on forever.) Christmas at my house growing up is an awesome example of my extreme impatience. My mom would......

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