Bible Journaling Workshop Videos

You guys told me that you wanted some videos and I tried really hard to figure this out AND I did it! Hours OF VIDEO... I can't believe it. Once your Purchase the listing "Bible Journaling Workshop Videos" You will get an email with the password to each video. These are go at your own pace and work through videos. Each one has supplies that I use, steps I take, and explanation. There are some lettering videos, HOW TOs, and different types of pages to create. I hope you guys enjoy these!

The Videos work Best on an ipad or computer but can be viewed on your phones as well.

PLEASE DO NOT SHARE THE PASSWORD WITH YOUR FRIENDS. I make my money by the things you create, like your occupations, I don't get paid if everyone is getting things for free.


Rose Petal Mixed Media Page

How To paint a rose (Easy Step Tutorial!)

How I lay out lettering. How I mix Capital letters and lowercase

Lettering Warm Up

Floral Page with Dark Background

Create your own Acrylic Tabs and A floral Isaiah Page

Step by Step Floral Vase and Creating a double sided tab. (2 Corinthians 5)

Making a Stencil and A mixed Media Page

if you have any questions email

Posted on April 22, 2017 .