F.A.Q. & custom Spots


I love waking up and seeing that all of my mirror cards have sold and so that much more did in one night. Thank you!


I have been getting a lot of comments/emails/text messages about frustration that you want a custom set of mirror cards or you're upset that they sold out so quickly and I'm sorry about that. I know when certain things sell quick and that's why I say it in advance through social media, if I tell you that they will go fast I'm saying it because I know--because interests in the item are high. 

((Custom Piece done with a mini Human))

((Custom Piece done with a mini Human))

 I try to answer every question that comes around but sometimes I miss some and I apologize for that. If I miss your question, you can always email me at vwieners88@aol.com


Another thing that has been mentioned quite a bit is how come I don't offer MORE mirror cards or MORE custom spots and the answer is simple.... I am only one person. I can't mass produce mirror cards or journals, I only have one hand that writes and if I was to offer 100 sets of custom mirror cards at once, i would never leave my space and I would miss the opportunities to spend with my family, friends, and my community. I love making art and I love making art to worship jesus but once it just becomes a "job" my art will lose it's value in my heart and probably yours too. I want to be good at what I do and I don't just want to do it for a paycheck, the money is just an added bonus. I want to continue to draw closer to him as I work and if I never get to leave my room or start to focus on myself and what I Can get done, my work looses it's meaning. I want to glorify God always and In order to do that I have to say no to some things.

((My life motto this past month))

((My life motto this past month))

I don't want to sell so much that I only start thinking about money and that's why I have a limit also, I don't want to be consumed with creating but I want to be consumed with the creator.

There are always prints available if you are wanting something affordable and always available. They are 10-25 bucks. That's a cheap gift and they look pretty, we have them hanging everywhere.

((Custom collaboration))

((Custom collaboration))

If you're on a budget but want an original then my suggestion is to save some every paycheck. ((True story: one family has my name on a cash system envelope and fits my art into their monthly budget)) I won't let you down when you do save enough to get your collaboration or custom piece, I realize some people can't afford to spend a bajillion dollars on art every month and that's why I created prints. They are affordable and still pretty. 


•What Paint do I use?  

I use everything and anything. I use apple barrel paint, liquitex basics, and golden acrylics

•What paper do I use? 

cheap paper because well, I believe that pepper is paper

•When do I send mail out? 

Mail is guaranteed to go out on Mondays, if you need it sent during the middle of the week I can rush thing but there will be a fee I charge through paypal. 

•Where do I live? 

Amarillo, Texas

•What pens do I use? 

I like Faber-Castell Pitt pens for lettering  but will letter with just about anything

•Did you write on your painting with sharpie? 

worst question ever... I wrote on it with paint and a brush- there are rare occasions though that I use paint marker and in that case it's a Montana marker

•What's a Print? 

a print is a piece of paper that is a copy of one of my pieces. We use a local high quality printer in my cute and they look amazing! 

 If you have any other questions feel free to email me: vwieners88@aol.com


P.S. Thank you so much for your support, it means so much to me that I can do what I love. Y'all are amazing and loved!! 

Posted on June 5, 2014 .