One Mom's Quest to create the Best Camp Experience Ever!

It's camp season around here and if you have kids maybe they are traveling to a camp for a few days or weeks.. I had a certain mom ask this morning if I could send some journals and painted envelopes with a little note to 4 special girls in her life. She wanted them to feel so special while they were at camp and I guarantee you, they are going to be real surprised!!


If your kids are going to camp I have some things that will make them feel loved... I have journals, cards, postcards, prints and other goodies to choose from. I should be listing more journals soon so keep watching for them and once they are listed I'll add something to Instagram to let you know. These go fast, really fast, so you have to act quick. Once you have in your cart what you want and are paying for it, there is a section that says "notes" --in that area, tell me that you are sending this to a "camp kid" and I'll include a little something extra for them. 


The journals I'll be adding will be perfect for the kiddos and will be the same style as these ones, I will even have a few custom journals up for sale!! I'll add whatever you want me to add, a name, a verse, a quote, some words... The sky is the limit.


I also have the option of your recipient getting a "Painted Envelope"-- for $5 they get a beautifully decorated piece of snail mail, the ultimate surprise and one they will remember!! I guarantee it will bring smiles to the faces that see your envelope. I know because I keep hearing the stories and they make my day!!


Posted on June 2, 2014 .