New Product Launch!

I can't tell you how excited I am about today!!! Today's the day I get to launch a new product I've been wanting to release for such a long time! Before I tell you what the product is, let me give you a little background as to how it came to be....

After I finish a custom canvas order, I normally post a picture of it on my Instagram page, Facebook page, & Twitter for everyone to see. When I do that, I normally have a few people ask if I can make a duplicate of that specific custom canvas. Don't get me wrong... I'm totally flattered that someone would want a duplicate of what I've just finished, the problem is that it's impossible for me to duplicate a one-of-a-kind piece of art (plus I LOVE the idea that each piece of art I finish is unique). This got me thinking...."What if I were able to make digital copies of my custom canvas'?" The 2 biggest perks of having digital copies are: #1: They are available to any & everyone, not just the person who placed the original order & #2: They are WAY more economical to purchase than purchasing a hand-painted custom canvas. With that in mind, I took my idea (& a few of my finished canvas's) to one of my graphic designers & he started working on converting them into digital prints. A couple weeks later he printed off a few copies for me & I was SHOCKED by how much the digital copy looked like the original canvas!

Sooooo.....Beginning today, my new line of "Canvas Prints" will be available! My plan is to release a new Canvas Print every Monday & as an added bonus...I'm going to put that print on sale for the first 48 hours after it's been released! And since today just happens to be Monday, that means I'm officially releasing my very first Canvas Print! I hope you enjoy this new line as much as I enjoy creating them! 

"Charm Is..." Canvas Print

"Charm Is..." Canvas Print

Don't forget to come back next Monday to see what Canvas Art Print will be released! Have a wonderful Monday!

You are BEAUTIFUL, Believe It!

~ Valerie

Posted on January 13, 2014 .