Cyber Monday Special...DISCOUNTS on ALL Art Prints!

Can I just say how much I LOVE the idea of Cyber Monday!!! (Unless you're one of the 100 Million People (source from USA Today) who prefers the rush that comes along with Black Friday! I, for one, am too scared to even attempt to drive to the stores let alone get out of my car that will probably be parked at least 2 miles away from the store I want to go to....seriously!)

I must also say that whoever came up with the idea of "Cyber Monday" is a GENIUS!!! Everything about it brings JOY to my face! No long lines...or grumpy people...or price-checks on that one item that is only 30 cents off (you know exactly what I'm talking about huh?!). So to celebrate, I have decided to cut the prices of ALL MY ART PRINTS! Beginning today, ALL of my 5x7 prints go from $10 to $5 a print & ALL of my 8x10 prints go from $15 to $10 a print! (These are just a few of my Art Prints...Find MANY more in my Shop at the top of this page!)


These prints make PERFECT Christmas gifts for teachers, co-workers, family, that neighbor down the street you ALWAYS forget about until they show up on your doorstep with their once a year "Christmas Visit" (you know the one I'm talking about!). All you need to do is buy a print (or 5) throw it in a super cute, half-off frame from your local craft store or one of the extra 3 frame you have laying around your house & there you have it... a gift that looks like you spent a fortune on! (ok...maybe not a "fortune" but definitely WAY more than the $10 or $15 it will cost you after everything is said & done!) 

You will want to get yours ordered NOW so that I can guarantee you will receive them before Christmas! And don't forget about my Christmas Coloring Book & INSTANT DOWNLOADABLE Coloring Pages. These are perfect to keep everyone busy while you're wrapping gifts OR for when you get frustrated from all that gift wrapping & need a little time to de-stress! You'll be thankful you did! 

You are Beautiful, Believe It!

Posted on December 2, 2013 .